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MSP Recovery is dedicated to maximizing recovery efforts on behalf of Health Plans, Management Service Organizations, Providers of Medical Services and Independent Physicians Associations.


MSP Recovery’s proprietary IT system discovers claims you should have never paid.


MSP Recovery specializes in recovering reimbursements by pursuing responsible parties under the Medicare Secondary Payer Law.

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MSP Recovery is the leading Medicaid and Medicare Secondary Payer Act Recovery Specialist. MSP has the most comprehensive platform to recover on any claims where the law places primary payment responsibility on another payer.
Due to our team’s extensive knowledge of the Medicare Secondary Payer Act, decades worth of experience in data analytics within the medical industry and the regulations affecting this industry, MSP Recovery is best positioned to recover monies owed to our clients under the Medicare Secondary Payer Act, as well as other state and federal laws.


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According to the most recent report of the Medicare Trust Fund the estimated depletion date for the Hospital Insurance Trust Fund is 2028.
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Price Hike +500%

Beware: These drugs as they are currently being sued for improper price increases.

Price Hike +450%

Beware: Currently under government investigation for unsubstantiated price hikes.

Warner Chilcott
Guilty Plea for Kickbacks

Beware: Drugs associated to the plea include Actonel, Asacol, Atelvia, Doryx, Enablex, Estrace and Loestrin.

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Built on a research and data intelligence health care value economy, MSP Recovery maintains a team of experts at your disposal for keynote addresses, panels, conferences and more.

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2016 Annual Report of the Boards of Trustees of the HI + SMI Trust Funds.

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