About MSP

MSP Recovery
Is The Leading Medicare + Medicaid Secondary Payer Act Recovery Specialist.

MSP has the most comprehensive platform to recover on any claims where the law places primary payment responsibility on another payer. MSP Recovery’s comprehensive IT capabilities identify which claims your company should never have paid. There are no out of pocket expenses to our clients, as MSP Recovery earns its fees only after a successful recovery.

Due to our team’s extensive knowledge of the Medicare Secondary Payer Act, decades worth of experience in data analytics within the medical industry and the regulations affecting this industry, MSP Recovery is best positioned to recover monies owed to our clients under the Medicare Secondary Payer Act, as well as other state and federal laws. MSP has developed proprietary software enabling us to process a high volume of recoverable claims.

MSP Recovery is ready to discover, recover and initiate your Medicare Secondary Payer Act Recovery Program.

How We Work With You

MSP Operates Independently of Your Existing Platform.
  • We don’t change your template forms.
  • We don’t change your operating procedures.
  • We don’t contact members.
  • We don’t change the networks.
  • We don’t change benefit designs.
  • We don’t change providers or physicians.
  • We work with historical data.

The only thing we change is your bottom line!

How We Recover For You

How We Accelerate Recovery.
  • Upfront cash payment.
  • Funds received once a closing occurs.
  • Risk-free and easy.
  • Increases your company’s bottom line.
  • Puts an archived asset to work for you.
  • Litigation in MSP’s name.
  • No member contact.
  • Secure, HIPAA compliant, platform.

Why MSP Recovery

Discover. Recover.

MSP Recovery uses a multi-level structure involving proprietary software and a highly trained staff including IT personnel, accountants, statisticians, physicians, data analysts and attorneys to maximize the recovery of claims already paid. MSP Recovery conducts an analysis to determine which paid claims the Health Plans, Management Service Organizations, Providers of Medical Services and Independent Physician Associations were not financially responsible for.

Taking a proactive role in data analytics, MSP Recovery seeks to find all the paid claims which should have been paid by another payer. The statute of limitations for most claims allows us to recover as far back as 6 years on our clients’ behalf.

These efforts establish the basis for MSP Recovery Law Firm to shift the burden from the secondary payer (Health Plan, ACO or IPA) to the primary payer (Auto Insurance, General Liability Insurance, Workers Compensation, Product Liability Carriers, etc.). MSP Recovery Law Firm focuses on optimizing federal, state and administrative laws to obtain reimbursement on those claims.